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Email Notifier
Stop wasting time checking your mail for new messages.
Get a notification as soon as there's new mail.
Suports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, HotMail and POP3.
Spell Checker Spell Checker
Avoid spelling errors in your messages.
Dictionary Dictionary Word Definitions
Instantly get word definitions and meanings using the online dictionary.
Translate any Page & Text
English, Spanish, Itatlian, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and many more.
Scientific Calculator
Add a tiny calculator to your browser for quick calculatios.
Online Encyclopedia
Right in the Browser
Get email notifications right in the browser toolbar.

Installs on your current browser only. Supporting: Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome
We are also offering optional full browsing and search experience engaging with your homepage and default search
Supported operating systems: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X


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